Pair Lady Raising Candlestick

In Stock Bronze and Marble

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Product Description

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM A very opulent set of 2 life size classical dressed ladies standing 95″ tall on base holding elaborately designed torcheres and comes completley wired and ready for use. This Timeless Creation is truly an example of what today would be considered rare functional art a future hierloom and useful and treasured investment for the owner. They are all hand sculpted and then cast in many lost wax molds and then painstakingly assemebled by artists with the most beautiful of gallery quality patina finishing. The patina chosen is a mix of hand finishing with silver and Polychrome techniques also refferred to as enameling over bronze. While the Bronze itself is suitable for long lasting outdoor use. The beautiful specialty finish on this creation will last more beautifully in interior application. However since the creation comes from us with a top coat protection over the finish it can be used outdoors, however the buyer should be aware that they will have to recoat periodically with protective laquer to maintain the like new finish they receive or allow it to age gracefully as Bronze does. BULBS NOT INCLUDED


  • Width: 28 in
  • Depth: 24 in
  • Height: 95 in
  • Catalog: B-W-56195NA
  • Timeless Creations: Custom Bronzes

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