Suar Bar Table With 4 Stools Set of 5 (KIT) (Out of Stock)

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Product Description

Our contoured seat Suar wood bar height table set, comes with 4 stools that stand 29.5 inches tall. Hand carved with cross leg support for a better manufactured quality and strength. The contour seat is created by hand working a solid plank of Suar wood, creating a seat that is strong and durable. The added shapeliness to the seat will be more comfortable with added style. The entire bar table set is hand made from beautiful solid Suarwood, supporting up to 300lbs. Suar is a natural wood and each stool will vary slightly in grain, texture and finish color. Suar wood aka monkey pod wood is strong, very durable, and the color and grain of the wood is pleasing as you will see tones from light yellow sapwood to rich dark chocolate brown tones of the heartwood. The rich color and beautiful grains of the heartwood, resemble black walnut. Suar wood only requires basic cleaning with simple soap and water to maintain. For environmental concerns Suar is not on any endangered species list and it is eco friendly. The Suar tree is aptly nicknamed monkey pod wood for its beautiful crowning arbor sometimes reaching heights of up to 80 feet tall and as such a favorite yet bountiful play tree for these local residents. Enjoy


  • Catalog: KBT-SR38TBM-SR3
  • Dimensions: Table Dimensions: 23X63X32 Stool Dimensions: 18X18X29
  • Material: Suar Wood

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