Mountain Studios Petrified Wood Side Table 23.62 Inch Diameter

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Product Description

Table Petrified Slab With Stainless Leg Ptr150A

  • Genuine Authentic Petrified Wood occasional Table
  • Specimens age ranges from a young 50, 000 to over million year old
  • The local craftspeople seek these valuable rarities and create their Art.
  • Mountain Studio Design offers many wonderful Modern Rustic Designs for your project.
  • Hand Made in Indonesia for AFD Home
  • A special exclusive Find! Presenting from the Mountain Studio Design Collection this Spectacular 23.62 Inch Round occasional Side Table, Authentic Specimen, Fossil, Stone. Petrified wood specimens are wood that has been fossilized into a stone over Millenniums. The local craftspeople seek these valuable Petrified Wood Specimens to create this Authentic Petrified wood Table Art for us, in sizes that make these precious Fossil Table functional for Todays finest Interiors. Petrified wood table tops are very strong with their stone like characteristics. The creation of these tables starts by finding the fossil pieces which are organized then sliced to workable sizes. Artists arrange and set the specimens onto a Plywood substrate for support, creating this one of a kind authentic Petrified Wood Stone table top. The base is also original and combines the skills of Mountain Blacksmiths as they created the artistic designed Stainless Steel Base. Understanding Petrified Wood 1) Specimens age ranges from a young 50, 000 to over million year old 2) Our specimens are found underground in the remote forests of Indonesia 3) When wood is covered by soil over the Millenniums the covered wood becomes deprived of oxygen and all rotting and detreating stops, slowly the wood pores absorb the minerals from water and massive fallen trunks are shrunken to perfect specimens for use in jewelry and Arts. 4) The petrification process creates a beautiful permanent snap shot of the wood for eternity. Hand Created in Indonesia for AFD Home. This special table is offered in 3 other larger sizes, 48, 60 round and 96 Inch rectangular. No Assembly Required.


  • Width: 23.5 in
  • Depth: 23.5 in
  • Height: 1.3 in
  • Catalog: KBT-PTR150A
  • Dimensions: 24.00 x 26.00 x 1.18

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