6 Pieces Crown Molding 92 Inch

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Product Description

Not your ordinary molding!  Constructed in polystyrene, a dense foam material, the moldings are light weight and easy to install.  That’s the good news and about the only common feature these incredible moldings have with what you find in the market place.  The difference is in the finish.  Each piece of crown molding from AFD Home comes pre-finished right out of the box in a rich tones and delicate accent work.  We are not talking one flat base coat where the details and the background blur together from a lack of contrast.  No!!!! These incredible moldings feature raised floral pattern details that are hand embellished in gold or silver accents.  That’s the incredible part, finished molding and not just some faux wood grain finish but a true artisan finish right out of the box and ready for use!!!!  

This is a special product that allows homeowners to apply beautifully finished crown molding right out of the box. Each piece of crown molding features a highlighted raised floral pattern over a striking background of black, grey, white, or wood tone. 


No one offers crown molding like with finishes like these.  Amazing designer home projects spend thousands hiring specialized finishers to create looks like these Masterpiece Moldings.  Don’t spend the money buy Masterpiece Moldings and enjoy the same luxurious touches for an affordable price. Install at any time with little mess or damage to any existing room décor. 



  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Width: 92 in
  • Depth: 1.8 in
  • Height: 6 in
  • description: 6-94 inches pieces per box, 46ft Total Length per box. Prefinished in rich tones of Black, Grey, White, and Wood. Beautiful raised scroll details accented in silver or gold. Durable, flexible, lightweight, and will never shrink

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