Pelican Standing on Post

Bronze and Marble Creations

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Product Description

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM An 80″ tall major creation of a Pelican perched on a dock post by the David Foundary . This foundary is recognized by the quality of thier bird sculptures and is evident in this Timeless Creation and also for thier quality finishing. Cast in lost wax bronze. The finishing is a beautiful combination of multi tones of walnut patinas used to draw attention to details further work is done with silvering. The interior of scultpure has imbedded copper tubing if water flow is desired and would flow water from the Pelican’s beak . Perfect for use in conjunction with a swimming pool or lake or ocean dock or as a stand alone sculpture. If recirculating water is desired the pump and basin must be purchased seperatley and is not included.


  • Width: 42 in
  • Depth: 26 in
  • Height: 80 in
  • Catalog: B-W-81010
  • Timeless Creations: Custom Bronzes

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