Bridgeton Moore Aluminum Large Corner Fence Post

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Product Description

Presenting the Bridgeton Moore Large Fence Corner Post at 11″ square X 79.5″ tall. This larger post is used for corners and 90 degree turns as well as can be modified by installers if a taller accent post would be more visually pleasing. Owners, installers and especially do it yourselfers will love the ease of installation that the post and fence systems design and provided mounting spike offers, making the installation of such a beautiful fence system as easy as banging the spikes into the ground and then just bolting the post to it and bolting the fence to the mounted post. The bottom of post and the top of the mounting spike have pre-drilled holes that will align with each other for bolting down. The fence and the posts also have attached connection points that will align for connecting a straight run with a 90 degree turn. From the incredible Bridgeton Moore Estate System, a complete traditional and exclusive collection of beautiful Driveway and Entry Gates, Fencing, Railings, Posts and Lights. Bridgeton Moore has taken 10 years of developing and evolving this to be the finest most complete system in the market. Each piece is designed and cast in 100% aluminum that will never rust requiring no assembly. The finish is a rich brown bronzed tone with hand brushed highlights that accent the details and then a long lasting double powder coat finish is applied, making this the longest lasting, lowest maintenance, easiest to install, turn-key system in the market for any price. This Bridgeton Moore Large Corner Fence Post is to be used with the Bridgeton Moore Large Fence for a 90 degree turns of your fencing for simpler straight runs order the Bridgeton Moore Large Fence Post. NOTE* THERE ARE LARGE AND SMALL FENCE OPTIONS, THE CORRECT POSTS NEED TO BE ORDERED WITH THE CORRECT FENCES. Our customer service associates are available to help with your correct ordering. Bridgeton Moore has established high brand quality standards and offers one of the best warranties in the Industry, 3 years on all frames and finish under normal conditions, against any manufacturing defects from date of purchase. Note * All products used outdoors require reasonable care and that level of care depends on varying external conditions. Extended exposure in coastal areas can cause corrosion and while this product is used in many coastal applications, they are voided from warranty. Simple hosing down or rinsing off salt exposure if/any will protect and extend the beautiful finish.


  • Width: 11 in
  • Depth: 11 in
  • Height: 79.5 in

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