Seasoned Grand Frame 36X36 Distressed Seansoned Wood

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Product Description

Interior size is 36 x 36 with an overall exterior dimension of 52 x 52 with a profile width of 8 ” and a profile height of 3.25″ . Our Seasoned Grand Frame – 5028 is a large frame profile made in wood with attached wood liner. It is available in 2 seasoned wood finishes, both of which embody some of the most popular trends of tones used in todays current interiors. The frame design features a swooping contoured profile that works to draw the eye inward and showcases the subject of the frames use. This finish is the 5028 and is a darker version, it has a deeper greyish blue tone done by hand with a textured technique. For a lighter tone consider our new Seasoned Grand Frame-071. A FRAMERS CHOICE SELECTION !!!


  • Weight: 33.8 lb
  • Width: 51.5 in
  • Depth: 51.5 in
  • Height: 3 in
  • Catalog: F85036X36DSW
  • Dimensions: 51.50 x 51.50 x 3.00

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